Customs into Australia

Don't listen to the myths, you'll be surprised what you can bring home 
  • Food Products
    • Not all food products are "No" .. if the packaging does not have plain english to determine the content good chance it's "NO". Here is a picture of brought into Australia after inspection. Click on photo to expand
View the website and if in doubt call, the Customs officers will appreciate your enquiry

Thai in WA

You'll be delighted to know we have an "amazing" Thailand in our Community just waiting for you to say "hulooo"
Our W.A.T. website offers details about most everything Thai
  • Thai Community
    • How to locate, remember Thai are shy (very polite) so just say hello and you'll be made to feel like family (Amazing)
  • WA Thai Business Directory
    • Everything about Thai in WA for Thai people, just browse and connect
  • Language
    • Free online learning modules or hardcopy
  • Culture
    • A to Z

Visa for Thai visitors

  • Cost versus convenience
    • you can follow the website link through google to govt websites and try to work out the process or go to a "visa Broker" (agent) and pay a fee aud $350 to $600 (the fee does not guarantee a result) so ask questions and give clear answers.
We hope to provide a Directory of experienced people, for the moment try the WA Thai Business Directory in W.A.T.
  • Visa - student, tourist, business


Alliance with Thai Friends

  • Free "Friends Directory" to show your support for Bilateral relations - Thailand and Australia.
  • Free language Translator to help you keep in touch

Populate your experience

Via the Feedback link below we have a a variety of options from free forum, Guestbook, or Blog to your experience. We are always seeking Travel Reporters. 

Why you'll go Back




what the?

If you wish to know more please ask via feedback or email to and we will circulate to the Thai Community for the answer and publish for future reference