Pearl of the Andaman 

 Phuket's glory is its majestic coastline.

Thailand's southern isle of paradise, Phuket Island is bounteously provided with a wide array of attractive beaches and idyllic islands surrounded by the warm turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.

Beaches range from gentle crescents of sand with calm waters to rocky headlands pounded by raging surf. The island's western shore is dotted with dozens of spectacular beaches, bays, capes, cliffs and coral reefs.

Experience a stunning underwater world with well-preserved hard corals in both shallow and deeper water at the Racha Islands. Besides sea, sand and sun you can also watch spectacular sunsets at Phrom Thep Cape, or take a break from beaches and enjoy a fascinating evening with a full choice of nightlife entertainment at Patong.


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Buddha hill is close to Phuket town... The drive alone, up this HILL, is humbling, they did the impossible just getting the gear up there.  The views are spectacular..
Drinks and eats on the way up and at the top.... click on the  title link to read more.

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