Regions and Locations  
Tourism is divided into 5 Regions
We show the Regions and Popular Locations with rating factors based on Key Tourism Priorities
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North - Authentic, Cool climate and mountains - (tranquil)

North East - Authentic, Hot climate, The crop (farming)

Central - Dynamic, Multi cultural - (the Hub)
Central East - Diverse; Beaches, Golfmania, Nightlife Mania (wow!)

South - Beaches of splender, (civil unrest deep south)


Location rating

Beginners - Westernised - easier for you - cost of convenience
Authentic  -  Less Commercial/cost, more "perceived" risk.. 
Family      -  Activities
Singles     -  Entertainment styleNightlife, Bands, Nightclub

* flight times to Thailand from Perth W.A.  (see TG Flight schedule) 


Location                Rating 1 low to 10 high    Region

Bangkok                B-6 A-5 F-7 S-9              Central
 * 6.45hrs Direct flight .  1.15hrs flight from Phuket
its a Megga city, the gateway to Asia, has everything, no beaches. 1st thought is "big gothic city" but step inside and it's warm and charming .. (they don't have bright street lights cause it's not dangerous!)

Chiang Mai            B-7 A-7  F-7 S-5             North         
1.5hrs flight from Bangkok.   the ‘Rose of the North’
International Airport but not from Australia.  The climate is cooler and the people are likewise.

Chiang Rai             B-5 A-8 F-7 S-4             Northerest mosterests
1.5hrs flight from Bangkok.   
On the Boarder to many places; MyanMar (burma), Golden Triangle, Laos...
International Airport but not from Australia... they have hill tribes up there!

Hua Hin                  B-8 A-6  F-9 S-4            Central-Coastal west gulf
2hrs by Road from Bangkok. 
The Kings summer Palace - it's quite and Authentic. No domestic flights
A quieter version of the Tourist facade of Phuket

Khon Kaen            B-6 A-8 F-8 S-6             North East (Isaan/Esaan)
1.0hr flight from Bangkok.   Short distance Below Udon (see map)

Pattaya/Jomtien   B-8 A-5  F-8 S-9             Central-Coastal East gulf
1.5hrs by Road from Bangkok 's New Airport   (Upscale version of Phuket
Once the Sin city, lots of Bars, Golfers Paradise, beaches, it's upbeat Phuket.
Jomtien 3kms south of Pattaya is the Family stay area

Phuket                    B-9 A-6 F-9 S-7             South                   
 * 6hrs direct flight.  The Beginners trip toThailand (Commercialised for Tourists)
Coastal Beaches, Islands, entertainment for the young and older, Quality golf courses and Nightlife
Phuket has has it all - depends on where you stay ... recluse or in the hot spot
Domestic Flights to Bangkok 1.15hrs  (every hour or so)
Domestic flight to Pattaya 1.15hrs Via Utapao Airport (Military Base) + 40min taxi

Ubon Ratchatanai   B-5 A-8 F-7 S-6            East (Isaan/Esaan)
1.0hr flight from Bangkok.   close to the Boarder to Loas...

Udon Thani              B-6 A-7 F-7 S-8            North East (Isaan/Esaan)
1.0hr flight from Bangkok.   similar origins to Pattaya (support US airbase) and eveloved... 


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